The Registration regulations

All the information appearing in the regulations is written in the male case for convenience purposes only, but also relates to the female case and everything stated in the singular also relates to the plural and vice versa.

  1. Submissions through the Website and / or iPhone app and Android.
  2. A person registered for the event is one whose registration form, is signed as required, and received approval of the registration by e-mail.
  3. The race is restricted to the age of 18 and older.   
  4. The autorization of the participation is considered conset and confirmation by participant  all the rules and regulations of the event


The Cancellation and Changes Policy :

  1. Cancellations and changes will be allowed untill 20.07.2016 at 12:00 p.m. at the e-mail address : A participant will be debited with a handling fee of NIS 20 for a registration cancellation.
  2. 10 days before the event date, no cancellation will be allowed for any reason whatsoever, apart from a medical problem, only on presentation of a medical certificate that must be submitted together with the cancellation request : The cancellation is subject to a handling fee of NIS 40
  3. Refunds for changes / cancellations will be made up to 90 days from authorizing the transaction.
  4. Cancellation of the event and/or a change in the event framework and/or any change in contrast to what was published as a result of a force majeure, shall not constitute a breach of the agreement on the part of the producer and /or the organizers and the acquirer/participants shall not be entitled to compensation and/or a financial refund. The organizers will allow an alternative event, should this be possible, on another date, to the extent possible, and subject to the fact that there is no factor that prevents this and all at the sole discretion of the organizers.
  5. In the regulations “A force majeure event” means – any factor over which the organizers have no control, including any event of climactic conditions which are unsuitable for conducting the event , postponement/cancellation of the event  because of war, a strike or shutout, and/or an act of God and/or an external restriction imposed on the organizers and/or by a competent authority, emergency situation or terror activity, missile attacks, terror attacks, natural disasters, special government actions etc.”, which can prevent or disrupt holding the event, and regarding this matter “prevent or disrupt” including as a result of national mourning and/or a negative public feeling , which is unsuitable for the activity and its essence. 


The final date for registration: 25.07.2016 at  12:00 p.m.